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A footwear designer turned digital designer from Seattle, WA and now living in Venice Beach, CA. I realized I had spent 10 years in product development and wanted to expand my career path. The time came and I wanted to be involved in digital web development. The transition within a month felt correct and now I find myself with the relief of validation from the choice I made to add digital designer to the mosaic of me. We all come from different backgrounds and expand through life differently. I come from an apparel design degree background meshed into strong footwear experience and now using the design elements for the web. Now that I am not off to China, New York or Europe for development every 6 weeks a year I find that digital design gives me the thrill that product development did. Only with less airline miles:) We all are just trying to full fill our lives. Designing gives me that feeling of contributing to my life with a passion. 

When I am not designing I am finding inspiration from life in all aspects. Hiking, biking, Traveling, sleeping, and eating. I have a very active dog, naturally we stay healthy together.  I love trying new restaurants enjoying but analyzing every detail. Keeping the balance is every situation is something that comes naturally. I love the balance of work, play and health. Persevering and staying healthy is a passion that I am known for. 




My process begins by gaining a through understanding of my clients goals and needs forming project statement. I then execute a research plan directed at proving or disproving those assumptions. 



Once I have empathized with my user, I brainstorm strategies to help meet my clients goals while always keeping the users needs in mind. 



When creating, I start with inspiration from everywhere. I spend quality time researching this area. Then to sketches and wireframes. To complete high fidelity wireframes to use for a prototype. 



After the design is complete I head to prototyping. With the prototype I will test with users to confirm what works and what doesn't. 

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