Brief  /  Plan your wedding, book venues and vendors all using VR.

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Tasks /  Branding, User experience, Mobile Design, Landing page 

In the wedding planning industry I have from experience found that there is a need for a planning service that could provide visuals and options to help couples and planners to achieve the vision they dream of for their special day. This project is to explore the needs and wants for a client to use virtual reality as a wedding planning service. 

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Couples are more involved and have easy access to inspiration to planning their wedding than in years before. Many plan destination weddings making it difficult to get a clear picture how the BIG DAY will look. Therefore, I have come up with a service that that gives the client all the visuals they need. Simplify, de-stress, and enjoy.  


The user will log in and can right away pick a city they would like to wed in and directly view venue options in that city. Book it on the spot with the calendar booking service. Then off to picking flowers and tables and decor to place in their profile and view of the day will look virtually. Able to change colors, mix and match chair types. All in one virtual application. 


Research was taken from in person interviews, user survey's, and competitive analysis to form an empathetic theme for the ideal users. Once I gained a sold insight for the user the road map was laid out and the features were formed.


The survey's and one on one interviews and survey's gave me insight to create user personas and empathy maps. For this service the two ideal users are couples and wedding planners. The marketing plan is targeted to both of these users. Creating users specific needs personally and in the planning experience.

Persona 1.png

Empathy Map

Empathy Map Planner.png


From the research I concluded that there is most definitely a need for this type of service. The data collected pointed out changes that couples and planners would have made knowing "if" they could have seen things done ahead of time. The massive wedding industry has room for even more growth. Incorporating a useful way to be able aid in relieving stress and giving a couple even more of a chance to enjoy their big day is essential. Leaving an opportunity for La Mariage to gain clients and growth to become an demanding element in planning a wedding.  


User Interface Design

I wanted the feeling of a stable fresh and clean planning service that catered to both sexes. Many planned services and wedding planner styles lean towards a feminine feel. I wanted to steer away from the expected and give the brand a universal feeling to the style. 

Landing page

The final aspect to create drive for the brand is the landing page. Since this is a new company and will need to gain investors, a landing page to gain interest with users and create the vibe for the company. 

Landing Page V2.png