The scope of the project was to research the need for a new feature and decide if this was a good option to pursue for the users. Design the feature in a way that coincides with the design aesthetics presently of Tidal music streaming service.

Brief  /  Plan your wedding, book venues and vendors all using VR.

Created at /  DesignLab

Tasks  /  User experience, User Interface, iOS Mobile Design 



The project was to create a new feature within the Tidal application. Real time music streaming with a group of friends or music artist that you follow. Experience the tunes at the same time but in completely different places in the world. Using music to connect the world even more than it already does. Sharing the vibe. 


Design the feature inline with the Tidal app but research and obtain the information that the feature would survive in the world that Tidal has created. Will it increase users, will it increase usage of Tidal? The data tells a story that we can not assume. 


Using the data gathered from the research findings I was able to gain insight on the ideal user for the Turn Up feature. 

User Persona

Empathy Map

Continuing the path "the day in the life" of the ideal user came in handy to build the Turn Up feature. Taking the research from the interviews and surveys a step further. Putting the ideal user in day to day situations.


The following are steps taken to insure a consistent design aesthetic but to also incorporate the new feature into the Tidal service. 

Mood Board

I wanted to create the feeling that a user could experience the same music as say Michael Phelps before he swam the Rio Olympics. The user would have the capability to listen to what Obama was listening to if he had a public room any user subscribing to Tidal would be able to join a public room as well. 

Application Map

I created an application map to lay out where the new Turn Up feature would best fit into the existing Tidal platform. 


Next was to sketch out key screens of the feature. Sketching lays out the placement for me to then take the designs to the nest level. 

Prototype and Test

Using a mid fidelity mock ups I tested the user flow with a prototype I created in Invision. Then with 3 users I used Verify to new icons, to confirm that the user recognized the intended meaning and a mood test to see how the user was feeling while using the prototype. 

User Interface Design

Tidal has a very strong design aesthetic in motion. The Turn Up feature had to stay in line with the same design. I did create some new icons and elements for the feature. 

Final Designs

Invision Prototype 

View HERE!

Final Review

The research and prototype demonstrated that users identify with the music that either friends, family or celebrity's are interested in and listen to. The demand on wanted knowledge to feel inspired by these people and share drive the soul of music. To create a feeling and moment like no other. The ease of the service and Turn Up feature play a large role in how users reacted to the prototype. Users were able to navigate if they subscribed to Tidal the remaining that subscribed to other music sharing services were frustrated with the Tidal interface. With that being said simplifying and creating a more user friendly flow would be key to introducing the feature on the existing Tidal application.